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SALTSTONE CARING  Community Support Service

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How we operate

Who refers a client? Sometimes a person refers  themselves, or a the statutory authorities, a relative, friend or concerned neighbour may do so.

The first step is for the referrer to complete a Referral Form.  When we receive this, we normally contact the potential client and arrange to visit. You can download a form here.

This visit is to assess the client’s needs in more detail. Once we have a clear understanding of what is required, we shall either:

1. arrange a further visit with the client, together with a volunteer, to make introductions. At this point the client and volunteer will decide upon a convenient day and time for visits to commence.


2. if the type of support is not what Saltstone Caring is able to offer, we endeavour where possible to provide information on other organisations or services that may be suitable.

Examples of the support we offer include:

Companionship: This can include visiting someone at home for a cup of tea and a chat; going out for a drive/cup of tea, an assisted walk,  help with socialising, help facilitate links to local clubs and organisations; help building confidence in attending social activities.

Carer relief:our volunteer will spend time with a client while his or her carer has a break

Shopping: We’ll take a client shopping, or collect a list and do the shopping if preferable.

Transport: to non-medical appointments. Examples include transport to appointments such as the hairdressers, trips to social events, to the bank, groups and clubs

Dog walking: Our volunteers are happy to undertake dog walking when they visit. If more regular dog walking is required, the Cinnamon Trust may be able to help, and we do have a small pool of volunteer dog-walkers, though our support in this area is limited.

Providing information on other useful services – sometimes we can’t offer all the support someone needs, so we help by finding someone who can.

Do we charge for the service we offer?

We don’t make a formal charge for our service.  However, we do ask for a donation to help with our costs if possible.  For example this could be a small contribution towards travelling expenses for our volunteers, although of course we accept donations of all sizes!

We are a charity and have to constantly raise money to continue our essential work.   Any donations can be passed to a volunteer (who passes it on to the organisation), or sent to the Saltstone Caring office.  Our volunteers claim their expenses direct from us.

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