supporting the isolated and elderly ... making a difference
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SALTSTONE CARING  Community Support Service

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Become a volunteer and help us make a real difference to people’s lives

We’ll all need some extra help sooner or later.

“I don’t see anyone for weeks on end.

I’d love to have someone come round for a chat.

That would make such a difference.”

Covering Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Stokenham and the surrounding area – a total of 19 parishes – we offer support and friendship to anyone who needs it.  

We help  the elderly or isolated, those recently bereaved or convalescing, carers requiring respite, helping to bridge the gap between local peoples’ needs and what the statutory authorities are able to offer.

Our volunteers offer these people companionship, help with shopping, support following hospital discharge, carer relief, help with socialising and getting out and about, and signposting to other useful services.

Some of our volunteers offer up to two hours a week, whilst others support on a more ad hoc basis, so there are options to suit a variety of schedules and lifestyles.

Word is spreading about this much-needed service, resulting in a large and rapidly growing number of people seeking to benefit from our help.

We ensure our volunteers are well prepared with both initial and ongoing training, together with regular volunteer get-togethers.

You are always well-supported by the Saltstone Caring team. The work is fulfilling, and offers you the chance to learn new skills along the way.

If you’re interested in volunteering, call us on 01548 854588 for further information or download our volunteer application form.